One report said that while the Aquinos were in Boston, his father Ninoy brought Noynoy to a psychiatrist and asked the doctor to look into the mental problem of his son.
That was before I received information I could trust that the allegations about Noynoy’s mental illness were true. My source is apolitical but she was moved by her responsibility to her country.
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The Nacionalista Party issued this statement Monday to condemn reports that President Arroyo and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo are actually backing the candidacy of NP standard-bearer Sen. Manny Villar and not Lakas-Kampi-CMD presidential bet Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro.
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To Noynoy, declaring the true state, previous or present, of his mental health would mean “dignifying” an allegation that is not worth his time and the effort it will entail from him. If he shows his medical records or agrees to undergo testing, “then I’m practically saying that they had basis to [fabricate charges about his supposed mental imbalance].” is your resource for social news and networking. You can submit your stories, news to the do follow social bookmark network. TaggingKit opens the doors to the new ways of social bookmarking on the web.

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